Training or how I visited 3 capitols in 1 week

Hello again,

as many of you know, I spent 5 days (29th july – 2nd august) on my company training. During these 5 days I visited Prague, Bratislava and Vienna. First of all, this is not a standard procedure for the call center agents in Timisoara. Me and 3 of my colleagues went for our training abroad, because Bosch CZ & SK wanted us to. It is always better to meet the people we will be working with in person and get to know the divisions in person than to just have some online sessions.


We used Tarom airilines for our trip from Timisoara-Bucharest-Prague and then Vienna-Bucharest-Timisoara. It is a Romanian middle-class airline. IMG_20140729_082829Interior of the airplanes is a little bit outdated, but our flights were on time, with kind service on board so it is enough for cassual traveller. I even experienced my first turbulence – it is exciting and scary at the same time.


In total we changed 3 hotels – ParkInn Prague, NH Gate One in Bratislava and Best Western Hotel Reither in Vienna. First two mentioned were really nice luxurious hotels with nice rooms and shared space with rich and tasty breakfast. The last one was a little bit worse in comparison with previous 2 – no AC in the rooms, showers were not working properly. Also the breakfast was not as rich and tasty as in other hotels and we had to pay for them extra (we find out abouth that at the check-out)

IMG_20140729_175458 IMG_20140731_191346 IMG_20140801_205901


After our early flight we took a taxi to the headquaters of Robert Bosch CZ in Prague. We were welcomed by representatives of Corporate communication department and after a little get-to-know, we were introduced to our schedule. Main goal of the training was to get familiar with all the divisions, with their main representatives and to get to know their expecatations. While we were in Czech Republic, we were introduced to all of the divisions of Bosch, we visited headquarters of Bosch Termotechnika division, factory of Bosch Diesel in Jihlava and Bosch Service Center – Power tools in Mikulov. As many of the divisions are based in Czech Republic for the both countries, it was very important for me to visit all these places and to get to know with the represenatives of Bosch on informal level as well.

IMG_20140729_104150  IMG_20140730_112457IMG_20140730_111852


After that, me and my colleague travelled to Bratislava for another part of our training. Not all the divisions are connected for both countries a it was important to get to know representatives of Robert Bosch SK as well. We visitied their headquaters in Bratislava, went through all the divisions again. It was just a short stay beacuse we went through everything in Prague.

Cherry on top this whole week was visit of Vienna. We didn´t have any trainings here so we were just doing some sightseeing. As we had a short time to go through everything, we visited only Stephansplatz and Schonbrunn. You can find some photos from Vienna in the video below.

Our line is going to be open since 8th august so till then, I´m going to have some trainings and on friday, the grand opening.


The beginning


So the day for me to say goodbye to Slovakia finally came. I decided to travel by train as it is much cheaper and easier. My step-father drove me to Nové Zámky, from there I took train to Budapest (2 hours) and after 3 hours waiting I took the train to Timisoara (5 hours).

When I came to Romania, I was picked up by 2 AIESECers. I was told that my temporary accomodation is going to be in dormitory with other interns that came for voluntary projects. My suprise was being welcomed by crowd of 60 foreign interns. It was really loud and diverse 🙂 I just had one beer with them and went to sleep; next day was my first day at work.

Keleti train station, Budapest

Keleti train station, Budapest

Interior of Keleti train station

Interior of Keleti train station

Next day I went to my new job for the first time. It was just an orientation day to show me around, get to know with the basic facts about my future work, future plans for my training and getting to know the rest of the team. My team consists of 30 people from 13 different countries ao it will take me some time to remember their names. I learned important facts sbout my training and my work. And what is best about that? That on 29th july I´m flying to Prague for my training, from that to many other places. I will visit 3 capitals in 1 week (but more about that in future posts ;-))

I spent the rest of the day searching for accomodation with one of my colleagues. It is still not settled but it is on good way. Most probably, I´m going to live with my Slovenian colleague.

Timisoara is really nice city with nice girls. Unfortunatelly, there is lot of construction going on right now so it really hurts the landscape, but it is for the benefit of all citizens. I will not wirte more posts about Timisoara, only of there is something special that I would feel you need to know about.

And what now? Sign the contract, team-building with AIESEC Timisoara (more about that later as well) and my training. I will keep you updated.


Welcome to my blog!

My name is Martin, I´m 22 years old and I´m from Slovakia. I decided to write this blog about my time spent in Romania. This is blog is going to describe my experience during my 1-year long stay in Timisoara, Romania where I´ll be participating in AIESECs’ Global Internship Programme. First of all, this is not going to be usual blog about travelling. It is intented for a close circle of readers that are interested in learning about my experience.

AIESEC is the biggest student-run organisation in the world, present in over 124 countries worldwide. Its main goal is to explore and develop youth leadership potential. I was member of this organisation for more than 2 years. After my university studies, I decided to finish my AIESEC experience by participating in Global Internship Programme. This programme is designed to provide university students and recent graduates with opportunity  to work in foreign company in order to gain relevant working experience and to develop them personally and professionally. I got accepted for internship at Bosch Communication Center S.R.L. in Timisoara, Romania where I will be working in operational department with responsibility of being the first-line of contact between the company and customers.

I´m going to stay in Romania for 1 year, starting on 23rd july. In this blog you will find my insights and experience from work, from my trips, from my cross-cultural experience and many more. Don´t expect any periodicity; I will post everything that I consider relevant in timely manner and post it on my facebook wall.

If you want to get in touch with me, feel free to do so using contact form in “Contact me” tab and I will try to get in touch with you as soon as possible.